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Orcatex Design - Interview with Mitchell Fein
Orcatex Design president Mitchell Fein often cites his late grandfather, who always said, “There is only one way to do things- the right way.”  Each pair of Orcatex Design shoes are crafted with pride that can only come from a real grass roots company.  Still, Mitchell is excited about the future of Orcatex.  “With any new brand, there is always the challenge of gaining awareness,” he says.  
Monument Snowboards - Interview with Alfred Haugen
Monument Snowboards started out in 2001 as an in-house brand for a Washington D.C. based snowboard shop, Capitol Board Room. In 2003, Capitol entered the wholesale arena by selling Monument to other snowboard shops. With a focus on creating visually appealing, stand-out snowboards, Monument draws inspiration from the opinions and adventures of its team riders from the United States and Japan.
Finn Utility - Interview with Founder Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald loves fly fishing, so much so that he wanted to turn his passion into his profession. Combining his love for fly fishing and background in product design, it was his goal to create high-quality fly fishing gear that would be passed on for generations.  From this idea, Finn Utility was brought to life. 
Trace Action Sports Tracker - Interview with David and Anatole Lokshim and Brad Blankinship

Trace, the Action Sports Tracker, founded by a father son duo and recently added industry veteran Brad Blankinship to its executive team aims to crush it with the Trace device. 

3 Thirty - Interview with Krystal Berry
Krystal Berry had a vision and that vision was a clothing and lifestyle brand that not only made quality products, but also gave back. In order to fulfill her dream, Krystal created 3 Thirty and began creating clothing and accessories to start making an impact. Every 30 days, the brand supports three different charities, one eco based, one animal based, and one humanitarian based organization. 
GRAYL - Interview with Nancie Weston and Travis Merrigan
GRAYL, a Seattle based start-up founded in 2012, had a vision to create the world’s greatest water filters and purifiers: a unique and ingenious design, highest quality filtration technology and interchangeable filters for virtually any type of water. With the creation of the GRAYL Water Filtration Cup, the brand hopes to provide safe water while reducing the number of single-use water bottles.
Velofix - Interview with Chris Guillemet

Voted one of the best mobile franchises in the April issue of Entrepreneur Magazine and featured in an episode of success stories for Dragons’ Den (Canadian version of Shark Tank), Velofix has seen its share of successes. With the motto: Save Time. Ride More. Velofix is all about efficiency. 

SLYDE Handboards - Interview with Steve Watts
Slyde Handboards started with fast food trays and soon turned into a brand dedicated to creating the best handboards they could offer. With a large focus on customer service, Slyde Handboards not only designs handboards for people of all skill levels, the brand also provides how-to videos and other informative media for body surfers. Steve Watts, founder of Slyde Handboards gives us the inside scoop on how the brand got started, the benefits of body surfing, and how you can get involved.
Jose Cuervo Tradicional 100% de Agave Tequila
With increased competition in the market, Jose Cuervo is celebrating its roots by getting back to where it all started. One of the first tequilas in the United States, Jose Cuervo Tradiconal has rich culture and history that dates back to 1795. With the help of a few professional surfers, the brand is showcasing their history which is rooted in Mexican culture and the surf lifestyle. 
Phunkshun Wear - Interview with Jason Badgley
Rooted in the snow industry, Phunkshun Wear Facemasks makes masks to protect your face and neck from the brisk winter conditions. The company is experiencing great growth from its inception through now and Jason Badgley, now Chief Executive Officer, has been there every step of the way.
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