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RAMP Sports - Interview with Charley Lodi

Riders, Artists, Musicians Project, better known as RAMP Sports, is a ski and snowboard company that takes extreme pride in producing high quality products in the USA. Based in Park City, Utah, RAMP Sports has a team of riders ranging from medal winning athletes, to musicians and artists. 

Nau - Interview with Mark Galbraith
Nau launched in 2007 from the idea that a stylish, functional clothing brand could exist with sustainability as the brand’s driving force. The close-knit team at Nau is continuously thinking of new ways to innovate and escalate the brand, all while producing awesome gear for outdoor enthusiasts. 
PacSun Internship Program - Interview with Michelle Wentz
PacSun has a Summer and Spring Internship program that continues to grow and develop.  This summer, PacSun will welcome 24 Interns into the company for a 10 week program across almost all departments – Design (Apparel, Graphic, Textiles, and more), Merchandising, Product Development, Marketing, In-Store Operations, Ecommerce, Recruiting, and more.  
Nectar Sunglasses - Interview with Dylan Roukous
Growing up skating and surfing, Dylan Roukous and Sean Holmes co-founded Nectar Sunglasses to represent having a good time and enjoying life. With a price tag that won’t break the bank, you can take your Nectar sunnies on whatever adventure life may take you on. We caught up with Dylan and he shared how the brand began, why it’s awesome, and what we can expect next from Nectar.
MindShift Gear - Interview with Doug Murdoch
Being a veteran in the backpack and outdoor photography design industry, Doug Murdoch has seen his fair share of challenges with design. One large obstacle Doug faced was there not being a bag on the market where gear was easily accessible without removing the pack. That was until the inception of MindShift gear.
BR4SS - Interview with Travis Siflinger
With a background in the action sports industry, Travis Siflinger saw a need for men’s essentials, specifically men’s underwear in the lifestyle market. Emerging from a Kickstarter campaign in 2011, he created BR4SS which has since expanded their product line from underwear to socks and cologne for men. Travis shares the story of BR4SS, how the brand got started, the people behind the brand, and what’s next for the company.
Fenix Outdoor Management Trainee Program - Interview with Cecilia Bååth

What better way to learn about a company and start your career than from the inside? With the Fenix Outdoor Management Trainee Program, Cecilia Bååth has had the opportunity to do just that. 

BOOM SWIMMER -  Interview with Ryan Minarik

When Ryan Minarik could not find the speaker he wanted at a price point suitable for a college student, he took matters into his own hands. BOOM began as a startup specifically targeting the college market and the results have been remarkable. Now a multi-product company with the newest speaker being the BOOM SWIMMER, Ryan shares the story of BOOM and his road to success.

BYRD Hairdo - Interview with Chase Wilson
Professional surfer Chase Wilson knows all about looking slick both in the water and on the shore. However, when it came to finding a pomade that was functional with the surf, Chase came up flat. Chase took matters into his own hands and this is where BYRD was born. With a strong influence from the California surf culture and some inspiration from his grandfather, Chase created a great line of pomades that are hard not to love.


Snurfer - Interview with Brew Mocarello
For those who have been around the snow industry for a while, you may remember the iconic Snurfer that paved the way for snowboarding during the 1960’s and 70’s. Snurfers faded away with the introduction of snowboarding as we know it today, but we are happy to share the return of Snurfers.  With their release right before the holidays, it’s not too late to bring back those childhood memories!

We spoke with Brew Mocarello, Founder and Owner of Balance Designs, Inc. for a little refresher course on the magic of the Snurfer.

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