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Brent Bearden - Social Media Manager at Kaenon

Brent Bearden is no stranger to the eyewear industry or marketing for that matter. With 8+ years under his belt at Arnette, he recently accepted an opportunity with Kaenon focusing his attention on social media.

Tim McFerran – CEO at World Skateboarding Grand Prix
Tim McFerran is a CEO with a purpose. A former college basketball player, Tim got his start in the skateboarding industry by being presented with the opportunity to run a skateboard camp by the Maloofs, however, he had a larger vision which turned into the Maloof Money Cup skate contest, where he served as the Vice President. 
Stephanie Sweeney - Communications Manager at Copper Mountain

There’s no doubt that Stephanie Sweeney is passionate about her role at Copper Mountain. Growing up skiing with her family, Stephanie was able to combine her love for the snow industry and her background in media to score her dream job. 

Donovan Dresti – Field Marketing Manager, Red Bull

Donovan Dresti makes waves at Red Bull as a Marketing Manager for the last 5+ years. During his time at the company, he has earned a list of accomplishments a mile long, and had some fun along the way. Based in San Diego, Donovan’s work has made significant contributions to Red Bull’s number one position in the market.  Here’s the story of how he landed and Red Bull and what makes the opportunity great beyond the name.

KC Cassily - Roxy Product Line Analyst, Americas
Not all journeys lead in a straight line, which was certainly the case for KC Cassily. Her career has taken her from her home town in Michigan to Asia, Europe, and finally Southern California. Now at Roxy, we spoke with KC about her career journey, what she learned, and how it feels to have landed a job with her dream company.
Matt Alberts - Photographer and Creator of The LIFERS Project
When photographer Matt Alberts realized he was drifting out of touch with digital photography, he began to look for a medium that would capture the true meaning behind his work. In 2013, Matt took a class on wet collodion photography where he encountered his mentor, Quinn Jacobson, and a type of photography that he really connected with.
Sarah Stabile - Founder of Soxxy

With 18 years of experience in public relations for major brands like Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, AirAsia, Air New Zealand, Ian Schrager Hotels, Levi’s and Panasonic, Sarah Stabile is entering the brand world as an inventor. 

Stephanie Szot - Account Manager at Enventys
Enventys is a design and engineering company offering everything you could possibly need when launching a new product. From prototyping to product development to production, the Enventys team ensures they are bridging the gap between vision and reality for their customers with offices in North Carolina, California and Taiwan.
George Trelut - National Sales Manager at Alpinestars
George Trelut is passionate about Alpinestars which has led to his continued success as the brand’s National Sales Manager. Being in a sales role presents a much different routine than a normal 9-5 job, but George has it dialed! He gave us a quick look at his role, how he stays organized, and his best advice to being a great sales representative.
Bruce Moore - VP of Innovation at Hurley
Bruce Moore’s career began in industrial design where his first job was designing wetsuits. Now, as the VP of Innovation at Hurley, Bruce has been a large part of the design team responsible for some of the most innovative products in the surf industry. Here, he humbly discusses his career path, his design process, and how much athletes really influence the products.
Showing 1 - 10 of 190<<<12345678910>>>