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Danny Evans, Lifestyle Marketing and Athlete Relations at Ethika
The action sports industry attracts many people, and that was no different for Danny Evans. By combining a lot of hard work with an opportunity in front of him, Danny earned himself a place at Ethika, a popular underwear brand within the industry.
Industrial Profile - Robert Lievanos, Freelance Designer - FadeHurricane
Industrial Profile - Robert Lievanos, Freelance Designer - FadeHurricane
Daniel Dhers, Founder and Owner of DDASC

Daniel Dhers is a five time X-Games gold medalist, a premiere Red Bull athlete and the founder and owner of the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex in Holly Springs, NC. Daniel grew up in Venezuela and started riding BMX at the age of 12...

We interviewed Daniel Dhers, founder and owner of Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex, to get the scoop on life in North Carolina - check it out!

Mark Gainor, Creative Director for Native Shoes

Earlier this year, Canadian-based Native Shoes hired Mark Gainor to become the brand's Creative Director. His role is to handle all components of creative for Native, from design to imagery and more, which he does on the road while splitting his time between Vancouver, where Native is headquartered, and Los Angeles.

We caught up with Mark Gainor, who serves as Creative Director for Native Shoes, to ask him about how he initially became involved with Native and much more - check it out!

Todd Francis, Artist & Designer for Antihero, Real, Stereo, Element and More

Todd Francis is an artist and designer who is responsible for the iconic Antihero eagle logo, along with countless other well-known skate graphics, which are being compiled into a 96-page book celebrating the career of one of the most legendary and prolific artists in the business.

We interviewed Todd Francis and Winston Tseng in anticipation of the release of "Look Away: The Art of Todd Francis" to get the scoop on what it takes to successfully publish a book - check it out!

Tyler Daigler, Inside Sales & Customer Service Team Lead at Flow Sports

Tyler Daigler is a lifelong action sports enthusiast who was building a successful career in sales working for companies in the energy industry until he landed his dream job with Flow Sports in 2013 through

We interviewed Tyler Daigler, Inside Sales & Customer Service Team Lead at Flow Sports, to get the scoop on how he made the transition from working for a Fortune 300 energy management corporation to the action sports industry - check it out!

David Link, President of Awesome Outdoors Group

David Link decided to launch his own full-service sales and marketing agency, Awesome Outdoors Group, in 2013 to focus on the outdoor specialty and active lifestyle markets while servicing the Southeast.

We interviewed David Link, Founder and President of Awesome Outdoors Group, to get the scoop on what life has been like since he launched his own independent sales rep agency last year - check it out!

Vicki Vasil, Brand Manager for Nikita
Vicki Vasil is a nuturer of brands. She utilizes her vast experience as a creative & passionate marketer, writer, and marketing manager to bring a brand's story to life. Currently, she is handling this responsibility for Nikita, an Icelandic clothing brand for active girls worldwide. 

We interviewed Vicki Vasil to get the scoop on what life is like in Portland, Ore. working for Nikita. We asked her about making the move to the west coast earlier this year and much more - check it out!

Erin Hamilton, Associate Product Line Merchant for Surf Apparel and Accessories at Oakley
Erin Hamilton loves her job. She works for Oakley, in the surf apparel and accessories department and secured her job after participating in Oakley's Surf N Turf event in October of 2013. She is living proof that finding a dream job is possible with patience, determination and a little help from Malakye.

We interviewed Erin Hamilton, Associate Product Line Merchant for Surf Apparel and Accessories at Oakley, to get the scoop on life in Foothill Ranch. We asked her about the hiring process, launching her career at Oakley and much more!

Joe Turpel, Surf Commentator for ASP
Joe Turpel got his start in sports broadcasting during his time as a student-athlete at the University of California, Santa Barbara. While studying Communcations and Dramatic Arts at UCSB, Joe interned in the Newsroom and Sports Department at the local ABC affiliate (when he wasn't helping the Gauchos' surf team clinch a national title), which led to his first announcing job with the NSSA in 2006. He delivered his first broadcast a year later in Brazil and then steadily honed his skills in anticipation of eventually landing a dream job as a play-by-play announcer for the ASP.

We interviewed Joe Turpel to get the scoop on what it's like to travel the world with the best surfers alive. We asked him about starting off in broadcasting, what challenges he has faced long the way, how the ASP has evolved in the past few years and much more!

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