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Matt Schnurr is a former professional skateboarder who is currently working full-time in cloud computing sales while moonlighting as a co-founder and the networking guru for SkateBout, a stage for hosting online skateboarding contests. When Matt and business partner Curtis Snyder launched last year, the goal was to bring the contest to the skaters to create a level playing field for anyone to compete and have fun.

We interviewed Matt Schnurr, Co-Founder of Skatebout, to get the scoop on the process of developing and launching a fully-functioning website. We also asked him to explain how the site works and what the initial inspiration was; and much more!

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ZEMgear, based in Miami, Florida, is a woman-owned small business that was started in 2010 to create innovative footwear designed to help active individuals find their "Zone of Endless Motion" (a space where anything is possible).

For ZEMgear's latest product offerings, the team chose to utilize Kickstarter to bring its new "Engineered for WOW" collection to life. The crowdfunding campaign has been spearheaded by ZEMgear's Founder and President, Christina Bracken, a native German and footwear industry veteran who now calls Miami home and truly lives the ZEM lifestyle.

We caught up with Christina Bracken, Founder and President of ZEMgear, to get the scoop on what it takes to launch a highly technical footwear company and much more - check it out!

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