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								         	We created Torment to offer an authentic link between snowboarding and the people who care about it. Our goal is to provide an honest voice that focuses on individuals elevating the sport in a positive manner. 
As an independent outlet embracing an ever-changing media landscape, we are supported by a select group of brands aligned with our vision. We value our readers immensely and aim to provide content that isn’t halved by bullshit, but instead packed with the visuals and narratives that represent our view of snowboarding.
It is our attempt to translate what we have long valued about snowboarding: the perseverance, exploration, connections, and Torment of it all. We are humans first. Snowboarding, however, strengthens that commonality. To keep that bond strong, we are focused on inclusivity and accessibility.
We are interested in you—the people who make up our community—and we’d love to talk if you have a question or anything to say at all. Hit us up. And remember to get off this site and go outside. That’s what’s important.



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