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								         	An Innovative Eco-Friendly Clothing Brand

Our mission : to enrich your outdoor adventures when you set out to enjoy earth.

There comes a time when only the great outdoors can soothe the soul by switching our urban HiFi frequency to the Lo-fi vibe of mother nature. Real moments of recalibration from the land to the sea – the very definition of the word, SEADON. Our story is one reflected through far-off travels around the world; hiking, climbing, paddling and surfing in desirable destinations that lured us through their sheer, natural beauty. But it was on these adventures that we all noticed something universally global. Pollution, waste and environmental destruction was on the rise and it was time to act – somewhere, somehow, we would help to make a definable difference in preserving our planet.  


Together, we can now move the needle for the good of the earth by embracing ethically produced outdoor goods. Everything SEADON does comes from our ethos to keep it sustainable; from the land to the sea. No shortcuts. No compromise. That’s why we choose ethically produced fibres, recycled plastic and nylon, and biodegradable packaging in the production of all our SEADON goods. We also donate 1% of product sales to nonprofit organisations that use it for real bottom-line action. This is a journey driven by environmental passion and created through the support of you – our fellow trailheads. Now get out there and explore more!



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