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								         	Over the past 11 years, Sportiqe has dedicated itself to offering the most elevated apparel options to businesses to help them grow their brands. Way back when our co-branded products first hit the floors of retailers, we received all kinds of inquiries about where customers could get more. Selling our garments directly to the public was a no-brainer. In 2011, we brought our items online to sell direct-to-consumer. At that point, we were just creating extra blank garments; styles that we knew customers would love, since they were selling out in our clients’ stores already.

Over the years, we’ve offered a decent amount of Sportiqe branded graphics, mostly small collections, created just for fun. But in all the years we’ve been in business, we hadn’t given a collection to our customers that was created 100% with them in mind.

That all changes now. Sportiqe is a brand curated specifically for you, as a human, not a business.

Sportiqe is a lifestyle brand made for the way you do life. Our clothes are designed for active people... and we're redefining the term "active". Whether it's hiking the PCT, walking the dog, or even a well-deserved wine-Wednesday, Sportiqe is the optimal choice for roaming the mountains, cities, and streets. Our chic styles, coupled with the most comfortable feel, and fashionable fits make it easy to transition from a jog through Central Park to a drink with friends in Soho.

People don't fit perfectly into any one box, so why should we limit our wardrobes to? Sportiqe is made with real humans in mind. Humans who consider themselves to be fashionable, but aren't necessarily runway models. Humans who are active, but haven't competed in an iron-man race (though we guarantee they'd like our garments too).
Sportiqe was created for the kind of activity we do every day. Beyond athleisure, we are comfort-wear. We roam free of restriction: both in our lives, and in our garments.

Roam in comfort with us. @sportiqe



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