NOMIS DESIGN INC - Vancouver ,British Columbia

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								         	NOMIS is driven by simplistic creativity, fashion, and style.  Our tag line Listen, Support and Reflect doesn’t stop with our customer.  In fact, it starts with our employees, our backbone, and branches out to our friends and customers.  This tag line is what keeps us all in check and binds us together.  No longer are our customers distant.  They are kept in the loop and help us grow through Listening, Supporting, and Reflecting.  Through customer interaction and satisfaction.

Vision statement

	To achieve leadership in the board sports apparel market, NOMIS listens to their customers wants and needs, supports those ideas and reflects them in their products and lifestyle. 

Mission statement

	To use clothing as our back drop for a simple and fashionable lifestyle.



  • 343 Rail Way St Unit 10
    Vancouver British Columbia V0N 3G0