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								         	Spicy is a women's apparel brand with sincere style.  

Spicy is a division of RLP (Really Likeable People) in Carlsbad, California, owned by Tom Delonge (front man for Angels and Airwaves and formerly of Blink 182).  The  focus for RLP is to support and nurture brands that have vision.  RLP's other brands include Macbeth footwear, Loserkids.com and Edmund (Atticus was recently sold).

Erin Hawk, who founded Hawk clothing when she was married to Tony Hawk, is also integrally involved in Spicy's creative direction.  Erin says:  "Personal style should be just that, personal... not just about following trends.  It's about creating a vibe and communicating who you are, and what you believe in.  At Spicy, we allow our customers to create their own style, while buying from a sincere company with values.  -Something that feels good all around."

We are a sincere company who exudes style not only in our products, but also in our business practices.  We hope to encourage our customers, our business partners and ourselves to live a purposeful life.  We embrace social responsibility, compassion and environmental awareness and we inspire women to recognize their radiant inner beauty.  

Spicy clothes are bohemian-chic, eco-fabulous, beach-couture and naturally feminine.    Eliana Stefani designs the line at her studio in Bali, finding inspiration in the natural beauty of her surroundings, Balinese culture, her Brazilian heritage and of course worldwide fashion trends.  Using organic cottons, natural dyes and feminine flowing fabrics, Spicy clothes have a trend-right, natural look that enchants the consumer and awakens the senses.  Please visit www.spicyclothing.com to see our current collection.




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