Sitka - Victoria ,British Columbia

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								         	Sitka from Canada has germinated into an exceptionally unique clothing, surfboard and skateboard company that not only represents the lifestyle that is shared by its creators but appeals to a wide range of people. 

It was not long after the iconic Sitka spruce tree design was branded onto their first custom made boards that customers began requesting other Sitka merchandise as well. As the popularity of the surfboards and clothing grew over the years, the brand has come to represent and attract a wide network of like-minded individuals, who are also drawn to the same passions and lifestyle as the founders. The people who supported the brand at the outset would inevitably place their own mark on Sitka and help develop the company into what it is today. These individuals are surfers, skateboarders, and artists all embodying a certain West Coast lifestyle and the values that go along with it. These values are reflected by the products they choose to buy and in their endorsement of the Sitka brand. 

Besides the Sitka Flagship Store in Victoria, BC, Sitka is sold in the stores of like-minded retailers across Canada, down the West Coast of the USA, and with select retailers in Europe. As the distribution range expanded, so too has the size of the product line and the population that it appeals to. 




  • 538 Yates Street
    Victoria British Columbia V8W 1K8