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								         	Headquartered in Torrance, CA, Inno Advanced Car Racks has been manufacturing a complete line of the most innovative and technologically advanced car racks for active sports enthusiasts for nearly 30 years.

Inno (formerly RV-Inno) is a division of Car Mate USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Car Mate Mfg. Co. Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange). Car Mate is today the largest manufacturer of automotive accessories in Japan. The company’s car rack division was launched in 1976 and demand for its products grew steadily. Today Inno has a 60-percent market share of the Japanese car rack market, with its own manufacturing facilities in Japan and China to keep up with growing demand.

While Inno prides itself on designing truly innovative features into their racks to make loading and carrying gear easy, the most important feature is safety. Their customers entrust their expensive gear to Inno racks while speeding down the highways of the world, and that responsibility is not lost on Inno. Quality control and rigorous testing are essential components in all of Inno’s products. No company tests their racks as thoroughly as Inno, and it shows with an almost negligible warranty rate.

The US division of Inno was founded in 2002 and first saw success in the snow sports and surf categories. Inno’s BoardLocker surf rack was the first engineered rack for surfboards where surfers had had to rely on precarious foam pads and nylon straps and home-made contraptions. 

The snow sports category has been similarly touched by Inno’s innovation. Without any pressure from Inno, the two leading rack companies had done little to provide skiers and snowboarders with new features to make loading easier on large SUV’s and to accommodate tall snowboard bindings and the new thicker carving skis. 

For 2005-2006, Inno will be broadening their line up by introducing their sleek cargo boxes and more universal mount racks that utilize factory-installed rack systems. The Uni-Clamp universal crossbar clamp that is found on a range of Inno rack models has been a great innovation for both consumers and retailers alike. By fitting most aftermarket and factory-installed crossbars right out of the box, the need to stock multiple fit clips for different vehicles – and the inventory complexity that that entails – is eliminated. Because of the Uni-Clamp, the number of retailers that were previously unable to sell racks that now can is almost limitless.

Inno has partnered with nationally recognized athletes, teams and sponsors such as the Shimano Multi-Service program, the Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team, the T-Mobile Pro Cycling team and the US Olympic National Women’s Development program to showcase our racks and support the sports that their customers enjoy.

Inno’s dealer base is still growing, but includes such top retailers such as Cabela’s, Rack N Road Vehicle Outfitters, GI Joe’s, and Chick’s Sporting Goods.




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