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								         	Vestal was created in 1997, launching out of Newport Beach, California. The goal was to develop a watch collection that offered both a vintage vibe and a futuristic feel with music being the inspiration for the overall aesthetic. It’s the energy created by music that influences nearly every facet of global style and fashion today and drives the Vestal brand. 

Vestal collections are more than just timepieces-they are accessories that fine-tune style and expression. Vestal watches are products of a lifestyle-accessories that compliment the energy and personal sensibilities of the music-inspired individual. We are committed to building a brand we can relate to, and to designing watches with style, flavor, simple detail, comfort, and function. 

We market and brand Vestal through our friends, musicians, artists, and athletes who have similar interests and enjoy living a rock inspired lifestyle. Vestal’s progressive philosophy in accessory design eliminates the conceptual lines separating music, fashion and youth culture, opening the door for previously unexplored creative crosspollination amongst multiple genres. 

Vestal is fortunate to have the support of some of the most talented bands and athletes in the world. This has given the brand credibility and provided Vestal a rock solid foundation to stand upon. Product-placement on influential people and in respected retail stores has been Vestal’s most effective marketing tool. 

True Vestal customers have passionate interest in music, fashion and art, and cannot be pegged to any particular demographic. Vestal’s goal is to become more than a time-telling device but rather an extension of a rock inspired lifestyle.





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