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Surface Ski Collaboration - Cedar Hills ,Utah

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								         	Surface (a collaboration)
Surface, a group of people from various walks of life, who are disenchanted with the branding, direction and overall constraints that exist in our favorite on snow activity. Completely aware of the struggles that lie ahead, Surface moves on in 2007, new people, new factory, new skis and a new day of endless ideas and possibility.

Anti-Corporate is not who we are. Without corporations we would be unable to press the skis that showcase the various parts of the collaboration, nor would we be able to ship them across the sea, nor would we have high-speed chairs to take us to the top, again and again, until those corporations decide it’s time to turn their chairlifts off. Therefore, we are not anti-corporate, but rather a new generation, or new style of corporation. A small, independently ran and funded company that will continue to form our brand without compromising our roots, no matter where they are at the time. 

Surface will never be found confronting, going head-to-head or trying to keep up with the mainstream companies, but rather focusing our energy on creating our  brand, a brand that will never be found following the normal industry rules.




  • 10574 N. Seminole Drive
    Cedar Hills Utah 84062
    United States