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								         	Shui Clothing fuses eastern sensibility with hip hop swagger and tattoo-inspired designs to offer a classy-yet-gritty look for men who know their flow. This next-level fashion line is the brainchild of freestyle motocross pro, Ronnie Faisst, who says, "Your flow is your style, whether you"re an emcee or an action sports star or anyone. Your flow defines you as an individual."

That's what Shui Clothing is about. The word shui (pronounced "shway") means water, a dynamic element that provides life and shapes the world though it is shapeless in itself. It can be humble or powerful, penetrating the strongest rock though it is fluid and soft. Combining the concept of flow and style with his longtime fascination with Asian martial arts, traditional tattoos and hip hop, Faisst provides Shui Clothing with real-life inspiration that takes it beyond a screen print on a shirt. With cut-and-sew hoodies, ridiculously fresh hats and new, high-quality t-shirt designs from Agenda founder, Aaron Levant coming soon, Shui Clothing is the ultimate self-expression. Be Like Water!!!.



  • 30724 Benton Rd. Suite C302 #549
    Winchester California 92596
    United States