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Eternal Unlimited - Sebastopol ,California

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								         	EU is a “next generation” MMA clothing company uniquely inspired by the Hip-Hop music and urban culture; a culture that has deeply influenced the behavior, attitudes, lifestyle and clothing trends of the 18-35 year old demographic which makes up a majority of the MMA audience.  Eternal Unlimited uses bold, edgy and urban based imagery in combination with high quality materials and design treatments to offer the MMA fighters, fans and clothing retailers a desperately needed apparel alternative to the hordes of “Rock and Roll” and “Street Thug” fight gear companies that currently congest the MMA clothing market.

EU has positioned itself as an MMA lifestyle brand with the product quality and design themes that appeal to the general Action and Combat Sport enthusiast.  With the much larger Lifestyle and General Sport Store chains now recognizing MMA as a legitimate Action Sport industry and “lifestyle”, Eternal is uniquely positioned to appeal to these retailer’s customers who are already purchasing urban and street wear influenced clothing being offered by surf, skate, snow, and freestyle moto clothing manufacturers.




  • 7171 Evan Avenue
    Sebastopol California 95472
    United States