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Mountain High - Wrightwood ,California

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The Big Pines Region of the Angeles National Forest is rich in skiing heritage.  More than 80 years ago, winter enthusiasts made their way up Highway 2 from to a ski resort near Los Angeles to sled, slide, and ski at Big Pines Park.  Mountain High is proud to recognize the forefathers who laid the groundwork for what is now Southern California’s most popular ski resort.

In June 1997, Mountain High Ski Area was purchased by a company today known as Mountain High Holdings LLC. During the next several years, popularity grew without precedent, and in 2001, just four years after the purchase, Mountain High had become one of the top five resorts in the state and top 25 resorts in the country in terms of skier visits.  To this day, Mountain High is still one of Southern California's most popular winter resort and has since won numerous awards for generating new participants and increasing the frequency of core visitors.




  • 24510 Highway 2
    Wrightwood California 92397
    United States