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As a leader in the global wax market, Wax Research, manufacturer of Sticky Bumps & WEND Brands, unwinds traditional logic as witnessed in the performance of their trailblazing formulas.  Founded in Encinitas in 1971, Wax Research is recognized by the international sport community as one of the original endemic surf/snow accessory companies.  This family of like-minded people is dedicated to that vital spark of individualism and adventure.  A grassroots manufacturer, every handcrafted bar of high quality surf and ski wax is poured in their California factory.

It is our mission to grow and maintain our customer base by providing superior products and services of exceptional value. We will sustain our vision and mission by continually seeking improvement through formulating, experimenting, the application of new technologies, and best business practices.



About WEND Snow

WEND, a Wax Research brand, is an innovative line of Natural Meadowfoam (MF) and fluoro racing waxes, overlays, bars, pastes including a full range of tuning shop waxes and base treatments.  WEND continues to redefine the way we think about snow waxes.  As a leader in the global wax market, WEND unwinds traditional logic as witnessed in the performance of their trailblazing formulas. 

About WEND Bike
WEND Waxworks enters the chain lubrication market with a unique solution to an age old problem, a need for a cleaner and a more efficient chain lube. WEND Wax-On Chain Lubricant and WEND Wax-Off Chain Cleaner are the outcome of months of formulating and rigorous testing. WEND Wax-On is the first ever "rub-on", wax based, chain lubricant. Wax-On not only keeps your chain clean, its friction reducing additives make for an extremely quiet and efficient drive train. Wax-On is quiet, quick, and clean. WEND Wax-Off is much more than just a chain cleaner. Wax-Off is a penetrating liquid wax additive that cleans. The cleaner quickly cuts through contaminants, while the wax penetrates and lubricates, leaving your chain sparkling. WEND Wax-Off is the perfect way to clean your chain prior to using Wax-On and aids in extending the life of your drive train.




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