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COR Surf is focused on making premium outdoor accessories that are built to last.  

For 15 years COR Surf has grown to be the leader in Surf and Paddleboard accessories. Over the last few years COR Surf has expanded the product line to include everything from Surf/SUP, Skate, Bike and Travel. We are constantly innovating and developing new products that will make life easier for anyone spending time out in the elements. COR has a dedicated team that travel to world testing our products to make sure we are constantly improving.

COR is dedicated to using sustainable products that are tough yet have a limited carbon footprint.  

COR Surf Product Line can be broken down into the below categories:

Indoor and Outdoor Surf, SUP, Kayak, Bike, Skate and Snow Storage Rack Systems

Auto Accessories: Rack Pads, Straps and more!

Waterproof Backpacks and Bags: Premium Packs that can handle water, snow, mud, dirt, rain and wind.

Premium changing ponchos and travel towels. Perfect for any outdoor water activity: Surf, SUP, Swim, Kayak, Water Polo etc. 




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