Uranium - Montréal ,Quebec

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								         	 Founded and based in Montreal, the brand Uranium, started in 1998, is proud to be specialised in the creation and fabrication of « Street Fashion » jewellery and accessories for men and women. Entirely made in Canada, our collections are designed and inspired with an intense drive and passion for the human spirit; its evolution, its behaviour, its values and its adaptation to the environment it lives in.

There is a purpose, a meaning and a profound significance to everything we design and create and hope that each person finds their own fit within us. Our mantra « Positively Energized » may be just a couple of simple words but it symbolize for us all the efforts and extreme joy we put in to each product we create and make sure it passes on to everyone who supports Uranium. In our opinion, jewellery and accessories are a great and unique way to express our individual self; don't we all need a little bit of glam? It is an excellent way to describe your personality no matter how you dress and to make sure your style is never boring! It is why Uranium's products are the reflection of four different characters with their own individual traits; Lucie, Luv Machine, Stella and Hayden.

On top of conveying values that are dear to our hearts, the consideration of lustrous and high quality materials such as genuine leather and Swarovski crystals are implemented into each of our designs and the local production of the entire product is just the icing on the cake for us.

Our roots stemming from the world of « snowboarding », « skate » and music are entangled with our love for up and coming fashion which allows us to create numerous collections perfectly blended with the image of our target market within the « Street Fashion » industry. 



  • 5524 St-Patrick loft #445
    Montréal Quebec H4E 1A8