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								         	ourCaste has been built by a decades long love affair with the things we could always count on growing up, regardless of where life took us. Throughout the years, our eyes may have been caught wandering to new, younger passions like design and typography, but we've never been unfaithful to our true love of surfing, pushing around on skateboards and riding motorcycles. A common bond is built in these sub-cultures, and they in turn shape a lifestyle that is authentic. As a new, young brand we are eager to shine light on what these loves have meant to us, and our interpretation through product of what they aesthetically represent. We are a community built of enthusiasts, living and creating the sub-cultures that connect us all.

Youth will need a bit of — we'll say — curating, from time to time; a trusted, accomplished and respected figure of sorts to be able to bounce the hard questions, left brain theories, and ridiculous ideas off of as a sounding board. We're lucky enough to have the man who contributed so much to modern day surf in our corner, Michael Tomson "MT" of Gotcha and MCD fame. MT has been around and through it all. He took our concept and implemented the back end structure needed for it to succeed, while leaving the direction and creative of the brand to the people building it... a once in a lifetime opportunity to say the least.

We aren't here to exclude, we are simply a brand interpreting the things we love based off of the way we've grown up and what we hope to become. It's our return to the simplistic form of the life that we live, ironically being more authentic.

This is ourCaste, welcome home.



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