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A dramatic redesign of Wish Atlanta marks the advent of the store’s evolution from hipster outpost into a sophisticated purveyor of some of the world’s most cutting-edge labels.  Atlanta’s style elite are able to find the highly sought-after, limited edition footwear brands which have formed the bastion of Wish’s identity, alongside unique, handpicked fashion pieces from international designers under one new and exciting roof.

Located in Little Five Points (L5P), Wish rests in the center of one of Atlanta’s most vibrant and edgy districts. L5P has long been a destination that attracts visitors with multifarious lifestyles, and Wish endeavors to expand the fashion offerings for its urbane clientele. The Little Five Points retail space has undergone a complete transformation at the hands of two of New York’s leading design talents, architect Raphael Berkowitz and designer Sam O’Donahue.

The makeover of the Wish brand was completed with the keen eye and artistic talent of international brand consultant Sahar Wahbeh. Sahar’s cutting-edge vision transformed the company’s logo, advertising, shopping bags, and in fact, her art even dons one of the store’s primary passage areas. Sahar’s talent allowed for the full integration of the Wish brand and helps transform it into a singular shopping experience.

Lauren Amos, owner and creative driving force behind Wish, enlisted the designers to create more than just a retail space but rather an iconic destination. She wanted the store, which formally housed a public library, to come alive in an exciting mix of art, fashion and sensory provocation.The concept behind the new design is based on the amalgamation of three distinct elements: chaos and anarchy, reflecting the raw urban energy which lies at the very root of the store; repetition and order, reflecting the space’s original municipal use and its actual physical grid-like structure; and an edgy sense of contemporary design reflecting the breakthrough labels now housed in the store.

It is not simply the physical structure of Wish Atlanta that has been transformed. The radically revamped interior will mirror the store’s evolving product line collection, which promises to make Wish a unique destination housing fashion pieces by less than obvious, breakthrough designers from all over the world. Limited supplies of hard to find, much-anticipated wares have been key to Wish’s success from the start. One of the Southeast’s foremost outlets for the world’s most exclusive footwear brands, Wish has long been in the enviable position of being one of a select number of stores throughout the country permitted to sell those brands’ most sought-after, limited-edition lines. Long queues of in-the-know clientele have been seen snaking around the block when these coveted brands arrive featuring: Nike QS, Adidas Consortium, Android Homme, Vans Vault and Supra.

The expansion of this ability to appeal to the seeker of unique, handpicked pieces is the idea behind Wish’s current evolution into a style-lover’s emporium. As owner of Wish, Lauren Amos’ keen eye for beautiful, inspired designs by established, as well as emerging, international talents lies behind the originality and diversity of the collection. Above all, however, is the inescapable feeling of a truly modern edge, which permeates all the clothes.




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