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The HAUS OF GREY COÖPERATIVE is a creative branding firm that specializes in creating niche products and brands through the context of authenticity and original design. Capturing culture through design and stimulating community by brand, Haus of Grey will launch collections with purpose of addressing what is missing in the marketplace.

The first label to launch under the Haus of Grey Coöperative is MATTE GREY, a creative lifestyle brand focused on cultivating the ideals of today’s active individual into products that offer innovative thought, unique design, and functional application for use throughout one’s LIFE+ACTV. MATTE GREY released its first division, Men’s Sportswear, throughout North American retail locations in the Spring of 2013.

The first collection being a direct collaboration between Coöp designers and the professional athletes themselves, MATTE GREY sets out to bridge the gap between mainstream fashion and modern athleticwear. Additionally, in the Spring of 2014, Haus of Grey launched HEATHER GREY, the feminine counterpart to the MATTE GREY.




  • 10641 Calle Lee, Suite 161 Los Alamitos, CA
    Rossmoor California 90720
    United States