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We are an idea activation agency with a focus on public relations, digital marketing, brand experience and targeted sales. We are inspired by the strength of the sea, and it’s ever changing currents. The dynamics of the sea mirror the ever-shifting landscape of business and marketing. Navigating seas smoothly and successfully requires trimming the sails to stay on course, and a detailed map to reach the destination. Our work is focused on helping brands chart a course and set sail. 


Success is dependent on a reliable plan and a strong, experienced team to activate it. With over twenty five years of strategic marketing and project management experience, the Forte Mare team is equipped with the skills, knowledge and innovative thinking to allow brands, people and projects excel in the right direction. We specialize in strategic marketing, planning, brand experience and media communications, as well as comprehensive project management. We have dedicated staff across both coasts with an HQ in sunny Southern California.

FORTE MARE(for-ta) (mär-a)

1. One’s strong point. See also: Strength, Talent, Skill

2. Italian - Sea




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