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Conspiracy III or better known as C3 was formed in 2001 to foster and distribute three innovative young brands with a rich legacy in snowboard culture and product development. At the time, the founders were still working for other companies, so their master plan required a degree of secrecy. A pact was made, and the operation was called Conspiracy Three.

Once the founding partners united, and CAPiTA, Coal, and UNION officially joined forces, Conspiracy Three evolved into the progressive voice now known throughout snowboarding as C3. 16 years later C3 is still committed to snowboarding on the grassroots level. From the shops that support us, to our reps that traverse the US and our regional riders spreading the stoke. C3 has always and will always be committed to snowboarding!




  • 4917 14th Avenue NW
    Seattle Washington 98107
    United States