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								         	The signature PSD woven waistband is the tell-tale sign that defines the
 premium brand. Kyrie Irving will lead an influential group of 
professional athletes including; NFL wide-receiver and fashion icon 
Stevie Johnson and Beast Mode proprietor Marshawn Lynch as endorsers of 
PSD luxury briefs and under- garments in 2015/2016. PSD founded by 
brothers, Curtis and Ryan Flaitz in 2008 has quickly evolved into a 
notable lifestyle accessory brand adopted by many professional and 
influential entertainers. PSD is focused on on-trend prints, comfort and
 performance. Wear Your Life means everything to this family business 
that has achieved industry wide recognition. For more on PSD and the 
brands grassroots story visit



  • 2301 E 7th St.
    Los Angeles California 92003
    United States