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Established in 2012, Blenders is a start up sunglasses company based in San Diego, California. Born from a crowdfunding campaign, hundreds of backers funded the idea and brought it to life because they loved the story, they were stoked on the product, and they wanted to be a part of a fresh journey into a new world of entrepreneurship, social sharing, and creativity. undefinedFresh, Vibrant, Comfortable. Blenders pushes the envelope on style and delivers this at a price based on the reality that shades are constantly lost and destroyed. Better yet, Blenders releases new styles constantly so customers can stay one step ahead of the curve, and always have the newest look to suit the passions you love in life. Blenders has solidified partnerships with major music festivals, DJ's & Athletes, and has been featured in the likes of CNBC, Transworld Business, The Today Show, MTV & RedBullTV.




  • 1940 Garnet Ave
    San Diego California 92109
    United States