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Rusty’s rich surf heritage started on the shores of San Diego. One young and reckless teenager took to the waves, revealing the miracles possible when a rebel spirit and foam combine. The story goes like this: born Rusty Preisendorfer, our teenage daredevil shaped his first surfboard at just 17. Like all game changers who obsess over their thrills, he surrounded himself with the vanguards of cool and a bunch of other elite performers. This allowed him to set the foundation for a global force to be reckoned with. And with that, Rusty Surfboards was officially born in 1985, along with the renowned logo. Or as we like to call it, the “R Dot”. The world’s best surfers clamoured to join Rusty’s team of champions, establishing a club of new school advocates for going against the common grain. Cut to the 90s, when Rusty expands into street-ready surf apparel, and then extends its focus from the surf to the snow and skate. It’s a different industry to tackle, but it’s approached with the same rock-steady mantra: no thrills for the cautious. Rusty followers live life laughing in the face of danger, because life’s more fun that way. Today, the brand still represents an ageless spirit and unrelenting drive to explore with a creative, risk-taking attitude. Combined with an indie sensibility and a slew of salty middle fingers, Rusty fuses surf, skate, music, fashion, art and pop culture with a distinctive edge. It’s this ethos that has seen Rusty thrive in the global marketplace, and to this day continue to represent athletes around the world.




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