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Bounce SUP® was born of a distaste for dings. James Hedgecock, the founder of Bounce Composites® and Bounce SUP®, was hard at work building durable, thermoplastic composite parts when it occurred to him that there was a huge need for tough, high-performance paddleboards. Thus Bounce SUP™ took the technology and put in where it was desperately needed – the paddleboard industry.

 At Bounce SUP® we design, engineer and manufacture seriously durable stand up paddleboards. Our patented process allows us to create boards like no one else. Let’s look at the facts. Thermoplastic composites are more durable, without sacrificing weight and performance. They have faster manufacturing cycle times. They require less labor and have a process and product with a smaller environmental footprint. What does this mean? It means Bounce SUP™ can build better boards at competitive prices and we can do it all here, in California.

We heavily target the rental segment of the SUP market. It's not that we don't like normal retail, however there is less competition and less viable technology targeting the rental market and it is a huge segment of the overall market. We have a uniquely compelling story that fits the rental market perfectly!

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