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								         	Pimlico Performance is a  Vancouver based company with a passion for city life and for the outdoors in our backyard. With over 30 years experience making jeans for the biggest brand names in the business including Levi Strauss, The Gap, Guess Jeans and Ralph Lauren we are launching a worldwide effort to bring performance features to the great American jean. We have two performance denim brands - Dish and DU/ER. We are focused on making the most innovative performance denim garments in the world.  Our first fabric, L2X Denim is 30% lighter and 30% stronger than traditional denim and contains Coolmax yarns that give our jeans quick dry, color hold, stretch and memory and a “temperature control” feature. We are targeting men and women who lead active lives. They want more out of everyday and we’re here to give them the comfort, style and performance they demand.  We sell women under the Dish label  and men under DU/ER.



  • Suite 100 339 Railway Street
    Vancouver British Columbia V6A1A4