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Hillsound Equipment Inc. - Vancouver ,British Columbia

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								         	Hillsound is a leading manufacturer of footwear and hiking accessories. Based in Vancouver, Canada, we specialize in the creation of foot traction devices, such as our award-winning Trail Crampon. We don't believe winter should be an impediment to your running program, or your daily walk. The only thing falling in winter should be the snow. Our desire to see customers enjoying the activities they love, year-round, has lead to the development of a range of traction devices for everything from trail running to backcountry hiking to fly-fishing. We also create simple traction products for those wanting to shovel the drive-way or walk the dog in winter without slipping on ice. Hillsound currently has over 200 retail partners globally and distributors in the UK, New Zealand and Japan. We are a company of  outdoor enthusiasts with a strong partner base of industry professionals. This ensures that we will continue to create innovative and durable products that enhance outdoor activities.



  • 221/ 2323 Quebec St.
    Vancouver British Columbia V5T 4S7