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								         	Realising how potent the mermaid was as a metaphor for the connection between humans and the natural world, Mahina began to explore
 ways she could use her talents as a freelance professional mermaid and 
designer of the unique original MerFins for environmental conservation. 
She felt education was the key, and what better way to inspire future 
generations than to create tails, with tales.

And so began a six year journey in design, innovation and hard work, that took this little mermaid to three continents in quest of the perfect product and message to offer the world.

It was part of this quest that the MerFins would be as environmentally friendly as possible. Kazzie’s persistence paid off when she found a factory who not only use environmentally sensitive practices and machines, but who were also happy to use recycled rubber to produce her MerFin designs.

The MerFin is the first functional rubber mermaid fin of its kind on the market, as well as one of the first eco-friendly/recycled fins produced. Mahina is combining her love for nature with the aspirations of her business, by delivering a strong message of sustainability and social responsibility.

Mahina started the MerPod for this reason: it is a fun group aimed at inspiring and educating the young Mer.

The MerPod is currently partnered with Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society specialising in beach clean-ups. The MerPod document and track all the debris they pick up and enter it into the database for the Australian Marine Debris Initiative. Mahina has also worked in conjunction with Tim Silverwoods Take 3 initiative.

Mahina continues to travel, enjoying special moments like visiting Tonga to swim with humpback whales, as well as swimming with wild dolphins on both the east and west coast of Australia and many more exciting watery adventures.

Her connection to the ocean is profound, and she embodies the beauty and essence of the ocean.

Incredibly, after many years of mermaiding and completing a free-diver course in Thailand, Mahina reached a breath hold time of 5 minutes and 4 seconds! This was under controlled conditions, and no movement. However, one might start to wonder if she might even have gills?!

Mahina’s passion for the ocean and nature, and her longing for a closer connection and respect between the human and natural worlds are at the heart of all her campaigns, stories and products of Mahina Mermaid.



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