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Our Lucky Bums family was started [I can’t believe it!] over 10 years ago on long car trips back & forth from McCall to Boise. Trying to focus on driving on the dark, snow packed, windy roads with snowflakes shining in the headlights we talked about the babies and how time was slipping by already. We kept circling around the simplest of thoughts – how do we spend more time with the kids. Simple things - skiing and camping - that we considered part of our soul, seemed out of reach when we were working so hard learning how to sing lullabies and give tear-free baths. But – we were driven -- literally.

For us, Lucky Bums is many things. It connects us to families around the world; it celebrates raising spirited, happy, nature loving kids; and it plants the seed to grow outside in everyone’s soul.

We owe it to our kids

—Lucky Bums




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