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Ovan is a stylistic voyage, a visionary optic brand dedicated to luxury design, quality, and a higher level of thinking. Ovan is the brainchild of snowboarder Bjorn Leines, super-model Alex Lundqvist, and CA based industry veterans appropriately blending the lines of fashion with action sports, for a recipe titled ‘The science of the good life.’ The retail mix includes action sports, boutique, and optical shops worldwide. Ovan embodies a freethinking philosophy and the creativity of exploration. Our quest is simple: Create handcrafted eyewear enhanced with unsurpassed optics, cultivated above the vision.

Post published on May 3, 2016 11:11AM

Ovan partners with Shred Enterprises in Western Canada.
Ovan and Shred Enterprises are proud to announce a partnership for sales representation in Western Canada.

The New California based lifestyle eyewear brand Ovan has brought together the likes of Bjorn Leines, Alex Lundqvist, Albee Layer, and Marius Syvanen to form a rapidly growing brand culture built upon blending fashion with action sports. Ovan manufactures high-end, handcrafted, eco-friendly eyewear built with style and function in mind. The current product line consists of both sunglasses and goggles including the customizable Ovan Ptarmigan available this fall.

Shred Enterprises was founded by Philip George in 2007 in North Vancouver BC. We’ve been managing sales, riding resorts & skate parks from Victoria to Toronto and up to the Yukon. Shred Enterprises has been selling eyewear lines to retailers since 2013 and were very excited to add Ovan to our stacked roster of rider owned brands.

"We knew the brand had a lot of potential once we heard of Bjorn’s involvement & the owners previous industry experience designing for other eyewear lines. We rode the goggles for a few months before bringing on the line and some of our riders noticed the brands higher quality lenses immediately. The brand quality, eco friendly manufacturing, ownership, roster of ambassadors and their industry experience speaks for itself." – Phillip George

“Speaking for all of us at Ovan we love to support rider driven brands and sales agencies that share our core values. We deeply value the importance of excellent retail and rider relationships, and by working with guys like Phil we trust our brand and our retailers are in good hands.” – Joel Kramer

To find out more about Ovan visit www.ovanvision.com or follow @ovanvision on social media.




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