DIVERTcity - Santa Monica ,California

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								         	At DIVERTcity, we believe in the transformative and inspirational power of the actions sports and the lifestyles they represent. Sadly, participation is out of reach to many due to financial and geographic barriers to entry. We're here to break down those barriers to participation by creating a place that makes action sports more accessible to everyone.

DIVERTcity is a first of its kind mixed-use complex that brings together all of the elements of action sports and the surrounding music, media, art and fashion lifestyles together under one roof. This includes an indoor/outdoor skatepark, wave pool, all-season snowboard hill and terrain park, entertainment space, retail, food/beverage, and mixed-use spaces for non-profit programming.

Supporting this incredible facility will be a wide variety of exciting and engaging programming empowering our guests to discover the intersection of their talents and passions.

By creating DIVERTcity, we will build a community that celebrates individual expression, creativity and accomplishment. For us our mission is clear, enable anyone to "Achieve Their I'mpossible."



  • Santa Monica California 90401
    United States