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Our vision is to turn action sports into a big online game - play Tony Hawk skateboarding in the real world vs. the TV screen. That's why WOO Sports created the WOO - an innovative wearable for action sports that measures things like airtime, jump height, g-force, slope conditions, among many other key metrics. The collected data is transmitted to the iOS app and the cloud which will create value for three sets of customers:

Consumers: Create an exciting mobile experience for action sport participants through gamification and social media. The collected data will allow us to create online leaderboards, competitions, challenges, and build an engaged social media community - turn action sports into an online game

Media: Enhance media and event formats with quantified data. Action sports is still judged by the human eye, we want to bring it to the next level. The action sports ecosystem is long overdue for an objective score.

Brands: Build closer connections between brands and their customers by delivering meaningful data about who their customers are, and allowing them to sell and promote product through our platform.




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