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Ski Haus and NOTB Snowboards - SALEM ,New Hampshire

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								         	A long time ago... 1965 to be exact... in a small town called Wilmington MA, the SKI HAUS family was born. Back then we didn't have the Internet to help promote the business. We did it the old fashioned way; through price, product, personality, and most of all service. Uncle John used to say: "Lets keep a fun environment and give everybody a fair deal. Our customers will get a ton of stuff for their money and we stay in business for a long time"
Well he was right! We are into the second generation now, with the third just coming in this year, and for the past 52 years, our family has kept this in mind. At SKI HAUS we will give you the guaranteed best price with service from people who know the sport well. 
Our longevity should speak for our integrity! Year after year you see the same experienced faces at SKI HAUS (Steve or Norm probably sold you your last boots, Lorry or Maria your last parka, maybe Zach helped you out to your car). We work hard to keep up on the latest products and to know what you need and will give it to you for a fair and honest price. 



  • 317 S. Broadway
    SALEM New Hampshire 03079
    United States