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								         	PARLEE was founded 16 years ago with a simple but lofty goal; to build the world’s finest
carbon bicycles.  With carbon fiber now the material of choice for nearly all high-end bikes, our instincts were spot-on.  

At the Parlee Factory in Beverly, MA, our key to pushing performance is the strategic use of carbon fiber to maximize its characteristics.  We are able fine tune properties of weight, strength, durability and compliance by perfecting lay-up schedules and molding techniques.  This unrelenting focus on design efficiency leads to maximum performance, better acceleration, better tracking, unmatched durability, and remarkable comfort.  And, what we what we learn in our custom builds, translates directly to our stock models. This is what sets a Parlee bicycle apart from the rest.

With 16 years of success and a solid brand reputation, Parlee Cycles is growing rapdily.  We offer a line of custom and production models in a “the sky is the limit” bike line developed for the discerning, no-compromise customer.  Parlee is sold through independent bicycle dealers, and has worldwide distribution in over 40 countries and growing.   




  • 69 Federal Street
    Beverly Massachusetts 01915
    United States