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								         	The journey started years ago building a global brand called Ethika. Although that was a great stepping stone and one I'm proud of…there was something missing.   To me it was all about the people, engagement, interaction, and the fire you feel when you can do something good & inspire somebody.  When you wear a product  it’s  like a badge of  honor and a statement of identity, individuality and what you stand for.
 At the end of the day it's all about people and how can we leave our legacy. What can we do to empower, Inspire and do things differently. 

In life it really is about self-awareness, getting to know ourselves and understand what makes us tick, thrive and give us our energy. I  know that a smile can have a certain kind of impact on someones life. Apparel comes in because it's just something tangible, something you can put your hands on. Over time your circle becomes the most important thing and really steers you and your beliefs.
The triangle to me is interesting cause it's represents the connecting points and the important things in your life coming together.
What we’ve created is a tool for personal expression, your life your journey and how you package the things most important to you.

What will your legacy be? The Mendid triangle are the key connecting points, People + Product + Cause.

If it's true that you're the happy medium of the five closest people around you, you damn better make sure you have that right.
For nearly 16 years I worked my way to creating a brand I'm proud of but over time I realized my circle wasn't a strong as I thought.



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