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A gift from mother nature

In Northern California, where the waters of the Pacific yield to the steep inclines of the King Mountains, exists the most diverse microclimates in the world. The patchwork of hot and cold, humid and dry, is home to countless ecosystems where a vibrant community of plants, animals and humans thrive together.  Humboldt County is home to some of the most complex cannabis strains in the world, which are rich in the healing compounds of major and minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Inspired by the rich plant diversity and the remarkable human-plant relationship, the hmbldt team set out with a mission to create the first strain-agnostic cannabis blends that deliver targeted health benefits.

Wherever we go, our heart and soul remains in Humboldt. We are inspired by the symbiotic relationship between man and plant and are dedicated to delivering health and happiness through safe, targeted and effective formulas delivered in precise dosages.

In California, we always begin with sustainable farms in Humboldt County. We have long-standing relationships with many farmers. If you’d like to talk with our product and science teams or our production partners about working with hmbldt, contact us here.undefined




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