Fireside Chat with Troy Eckert and Vipe Desai

Thursday, January 24, 2019
06:30 PM - 09:30 PM
The Dock HB Co-Working & Events Center
5811 West McFadden Avenue
Huntington Beach (US)
Vipe Desai

Join us for a special Fireside chat with Troy Eckert, former Global EVP for Volcom moderated by Vipe Desai.

In 1991, Troy was on his way to becoming a professional surfer when he was invited to join Volcom. For the next 20 years he was charging ahead with duties that incuded marketing, shipping, clothing production, making movies, throwing parties and pretty much anything else you could think of to set Volcom on a trajectory of astronomical growth and recognition.

In 2005 Volcom went public and all of a sudden Troy was the Global EVP of Marketing of a publicly traded company on NASDAQ.
Troy left Volcom in 2010 and moved his family to Kaui but has recently re-emerged ready to launch his next endeavor.

In this special Fireside chat, we'll dive into the early days of Troy's career, the lessons learned along the way, advice to action sports startups and where he's headed next.

Space is limited for this event. Please register early to guarantee your spot.