SDSI Gateway Workshop

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
11:00 AM - 02:00 PM
4747 Executive Dr.
San Diego (US)
Dana Rowley

This intensive workshop is our ultimate Entrepreneur's primer. This event covers all the essentials you need to build a foundation for your business and turn an idea into reality.   In addition to an in-depth exploration of a comprehensive business plan, we’ve gathered industry experts, service providers and experienced mentors to create a workshop that covers the critical points entrepreneurs need to know when going from an idea to functioning business.

Listen and Learn
We call this workshop intensive for a reason. We've built this course for busy entrepreneurs, and cover a lot of great information in a short time. Get ready to take notes! We'll start with a soup-to-nuts presentation on planning for scale and running a business lead by one of our expert Business Mentors. Then we’ll open the workshop up to small breakout groups where you can meet with experts and providers to ask questions and gain information about your specific business needs.

What’s on the Agenda?
We aim to make this workshop valuable and efficient for all types of businesses with all types of needs. Our presentation on business planning covers basics that are important for any type business, in any industry and can be valuable even to existing businesses who are looking to drive growth. In our breakout sessions we bring in experts to address common sticking points that early entrepreneurs face including:

Intellectual property - what to protect and when

Corporate structure and business taxes


Go-to market and marketing strategy

Product validation

Methods of funding and where to find them


Business accounting

& more