Boat Co Talk Show - Danny Thompson of Face to Face & the Music Factory, School of Music

Derek will sit with Danny, drummer for the iconic punk band Face to Face and Co-Founder of the coolest music school in Orange County, The Music Factory for a candid and personal deep dive discussion on the journey that it’s taken to arrive there.

The Thriving Year: 3 Strategic Shifts to Make 2017 the Best One Yet

Presented by Life Coach, Cameron Brown, The Thriving Collective & alongside Frances Harder of Fashion for Profit & FBI It’s a time where most people are winding down, but if you’re smart, it’s the perfect time to map out 2017 to be ready!

Business Cards & Beers at SIA

We're shakin' things up at SIA Snow Show this year! Join us for an afternoon of beers and business cards; whether you are hiring, looking for a new position, making a business deal, or meeting new people in the industry this event is for you.

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Business Plan Workshop: 2-Day Seminar

Getting started is the hardest part of writing a business plan. This two day workshop will help you create an outline of what it is you need to include in your individual business plans.

Resume Writing Workshop

Learn the essentials and fundamentals of resume writing. What recruiters won't tell you in the art of professional story telling.


Stoked LosAngeles is hosting our third TriShredAThon on Feb. 11, 2017. Join us, and shred, skate, and surf your way through the day, all while raising money for STOKED.

The Shmooz at FIDM, Orange County

An event featuring the industry's best brands and open to FIDM Alumni and Student.

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