Senior Graphic Designer / Production Designer

seedleSs. clothing

San Diego California

5 year(s)

Job Description
Sprout Branding Agency and seedleSs clothing Co. work with top brands in the Cannabis industry nationwide and are looking for a permanent designer to grow with our ever-expanding company. Under the direction of Art Director & Professional Artist, Dane Holmquist, you will be involved in developing brands from the ground up along with creating custom merchandise, packaging, artwork, and apparel. Must have a feel for the Cannabis Industry aesthetic/culture and be able to generate new ideas, graphics, and artwork with an understanding of what is trending & relevant to the visual communication of each brand we work with. Creative vision balanced with practical/technical execution so the end result can be used in multiple applications; as well as using client-provided stock assets to apply to new applications.

This is quite literally a dream job for any real artist that enjoys creating something out of thin air and watching their creations come to life. We are a family of San Diego beach locals and our gain will also be yours. Our industry is very much a counterculture, which creates for the most interesting and fun types of design work anywhere. Yes it is work, and we work hard! But it’s the most interesting and satisfying work around! You will also end up meeting and working with a number of famous clients, brands, and musicians. If you offer the value we are looking for then you will also be included in and given access to VIP events and trips around the world to meet, party, and evaluate all things in the world of art, design, and Cannabis culture.

To get a feel for the kind of work you would be doing checkout our Instagram profiles:
1. Sprout Branding - @sproutbranding
2. seedless Clothing Co. - @seedlessclothing
3. Dane Holmquist (Art Director / Artist) - @daneholmquist

Work Location:
• Ocean Beach, San Diego - Our warehouse / offices are three blocks from the beach – And yes, we do take surfing lunch breaks from time to time

Work Remotely:
• No

• Self-motivated, positive attitude, able to figure out and complete tasks with little direction
• Maintain timely delivery of artwork and ensure procedure is followed in all cases
• Must have a tough skin, able to shift gears quickly, and work on multiple projects at once. We work in a fast paced environment with many ups and downs throughout each day so being used to this is required
• Organized, and detail oriented
• Staying up to date on industry standards, along with cannabis state packaging licensing requirements.
• Share out trends and production/design related technologies, tools and software
• Experience with fashion and clothing design
• Continually use proactive thinking mindset when considering new project initiatives

Graphic Design Responsibilities:
• Collaborate closely with Art Director and the CEO
• Communicate and coordinate effectively with sales team and customers as needed
• Make various formats of supplied artwork production-ready and resolve any artwork issues that arise during production
• Create production files that may include several different print and finishing techniques and be sent to multiple vendors
• Create/re-create artwork as needed – make edits to designs and manage the art approval process with the sales team
• Create color separations for screen printing from artwork
• Create proof for client to show layout, dimensions, locations, in colors, etc.
• Prepare final production-ready files based on supplied specifications for several types of printing including artwork digitized for embroidery
• Work with sourcing to create specs for new product types to be shared with vendors
• Prepare and proof final production files for print with specific attention to detail
• Provide image retouching, clipping paths, and additional image manipulation
• Creating new packaging templates and clear understanding of dimensions with and understanding of basic math skills in order to do so
• Technical drawings and or specs and design support for new development as needed
• Design out new layouts based on existing designs
• Prepare images for online and mobile applications and catalog and reference art for future projects
• Follow a development timeline to ensure tasks are being completed on time
• Troubleshoot problems as they arise with both the creative team and the printer

Role During Production:
• Communicate and coordinate effectively with production and sales department
• Proof and provide feedback on color and accuracy of artwork and print execution
• Use knowledge of print production processes to determine capabilities and desired results
Skills & Knowledge Required:
• Proficient in both Mac OSX and PC Windows
• HIGHLY EXPERIENCED at drawing, graphic art, design, typography, packaging, and color theory.
• Experienced in Adobe Creative Suite:
HIGHLY EXPERIENCED in Adobe Illustrator
• Experience working with packaging manufacturing and knowledge of print production and color separation processes’
• Experienced in Microsoft Office (Excel and Word)
• Experienced in utilizing GSuite (Email, Apps)
• Experienced in utilizing Dropbox for Business
• Understanding of apparel screen printing and embroidery equipment and software to include manual printers, automatic printers, and multi-head embroidery machines is preferred
• Experienced in production design, template design, and tech pack design from packaging to clothing and apparel
• Experience in Web Development and Design, as well as Social Media
• Experience Video Editing

• Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design / Graphic Art
(Bachelor’s Degree is REQUIRED. This degree shows us with no explanation that you are capable of working with others, willing to learn, take direction, and can work in a fast-paced environment capable of meeting deadlines, and can complete long-term goals and not give up when the going gets tough. BUT, if you do NOT have a degree and CAN prove you are a TRUE self-taught badass capable of all these things, and have a great portfolio, then by all means we want to hear from you, that is if you are capable of proving it to us in your resume.)

• Graphic Design / Graphic Art: 4 years
• Art, Drawing, Design: 10 years (Required. Art and design needs to be your passion, and if you haven’t been interested in it for at least 10 years, creating designs and art on your own for fun then this will not be the job for you. We want to work with people the truly enjoy what they do for work here, we know we do!)

• English (Required)
• Chinese (If Chinese is your 2nd language it will be useful communicating with our production facilities in China, and will make for an even larger pay increase due to the extra value you would be able to provide)
• Spanish (We are currently seeking out new production facilities in Mexico and if Spanish is your 2nd language it will be useful communicating with any new production facilities we find in Mexico, and will make for an even larger pay increase due to the extra value you would be able to provide)

Employee discount on merchandise: 25% off our wholesale price