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Make Cash on Your Schedule! - Sales Reps Wanted

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MOXII is revolutionizing the way brands market & sell their products to retailers by reinventing the model that brings them to market. We’re bringing passionate consumers behind the scenes and empowering them with the ability to represent brands in a sales capacity. Finding success for both the brand and themselves, these passionate consumers tap into their category knowledge and interest as the secret selling ingredient in which brand love becomes the invaluable currency.

Located in Half Moon Bay, California, MOXII is the ultimate celebration of brand & product love.

The MOXII Platform:

MOXII equips you with the tools needed to become a cash-earning, high-impact sales rockstar by carefully matching you with brands that align with your passions and then transforming you into a hyper local sales advocate for your area.

Psyched? Us Too! Here’s what to expect:

• Profile Creation: Create a profile that showcases your skills and passions and attracts brands
• Channel Certification: You will work with the MOXII team to assess your “channel chops” and become certified to sell in the retailers you love
• Brand Matching: Once you are channel certified you will be matched with exciting brands from our ever growing portfolio that align with your channel certifications
• Brand Education: Through a streamlined educational portal, we onboard you to your matched brand(s), equipping you with brand DNA, product details, and any other relevant tidbits (i.e. selling parameters)
• Field Sales: After a rundown of the rules of the road, you are free to start approaching retailers curated just for you! Hit the streets and earn commission on every brand-approved order submitted through the MOXII platform!
• Increased Earnings: Manage the buy-sell-replenish cycle (prospect, sell and service) within your retailers to increase your earning potential.

MOXII works when you do! We are looking for motivated, independent thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit that want to earn commission while spreading brand love in their communities.

As part of our process, onboarding of each Advocate will be contingent upon successful completion of a background check. Candidates must be 18 years or older to apply. All applicants will enjoy equality of opportunity and fair treatment.

Fill out our questionnaire to get started! https://forms.gle/Pi4PKB7s5sNVqXmC9 or email [email protected]