Sr. Frontend Engineer

K2 Sports

Seattle - Seattle

0 year(s)

Job Description
The Sr. Frontend Engineer is responsible for all frontend operations (build tools, deployment, speed: (app, tests, builds, deploys), monitoring errors/logs, and stability), application development (JavaScript frameworks, JavaScript preprocessors, code quality, process automation, testing), and frontend implementation (responsive web design, modular/scalable CSS, UI frameworks, living style guides, progressive enhancement & accessibility, animation and frontend performance). Additionally, the Sr. Frontend Engineer is responsible for overseeing other developers’ code contributions to app development and implementation, mentoring, and providing guidance/suggestions for best practices and solutions.
Principal Accountabilities
Implement application technologies and structure that will be familiar, standard, and easy to use for other developers on the team or future hires.
Make high-level decisions on frameworks, device support, and direction of app development that will produce great UX and translate to better brand awareness and sales.
Be able to clearly communicate with everyone involved in a project, from developers and designers, to project managers and project owners
Work with designers and developers to optimize user interfaces and user experience.