Product Director - Snowboarding

K2 Sports

Des Moines DC_ARC Washington

0 year(s)

Job Description
The Snowboarding Product Director is responsible for managing the people and processes to bring snowboarding products to market for K2 Sports. The Director works with Engineering, Marketing, Graphics, Sales, Operations, and Product Line Management teams to ensure the products have industry leading quality, delivery, value, and innovation. The Director is also responsible for the technical supply chain and process capability required for on time delivery of products and works to achieve this with our suppliers.

Essential Job Duties:

Ensure optimal timelines and processes are established and achieved for product design, testing, quality validation, commercialization, and quality control

Ensure products are of high quality to meet market needs, meet safety standards, exhibit low factory off-quality rates, and low warranty return claims.

On-Time development execution to allow successful sample and mass-production delivery. Tracking work completion against deadlines and taking corrective action to keep work on time.

Manage product costing. Analyze costing details and find solutions to reduce waste in materials and processes and increase value to our customers

Bring innovative product solutions to market to excite riders and grow sales

Optimize processes for successful SMU and OEM opportunities

Ensure there are optimal processes for hand-off and storage of engineering files

Build and successfully control Operational and Capital expense budgets

Recruit, train, mentor, and motivate direct reports

Communicate the status and direction of the product teams work during executive and team strategic reviews.

Support the marketing and selling functions as required

Maintain a collaborative and strong working relationship with our factories