Writing Director, 365 Studio

Nike, Inc.

Shanghai, Shanghai, China Mainland

0 year(s)

Job Description
Brand Creative is the Art of Storytelling. We are the storytellers. We are the voice of Nike’s heart & soul. It's about telling powerful, meaningful stories across the entire brand ecosystem, leveraging all existing and new platforms to inspire, enable and engage athletes• , while driving brand distinction and business impact. We aim to make people feel and help them do sport on a daily basis.


Based in Shanghai, the role of Writing Director will be required to deliver 365 copy narrative that aligns with Nike’s Consumer Direct Marketing functional goals. You will lead the 365 storytelling and copy direction across multiple projects, working closely with writers to deliver a well-crafted, consistent and engaging 365 Nike brand voice across all touch points of our owned and third-party ecosystem. You will drive creative excellence and collaboration across multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring that the team delivers holistic creative against our seasonal strategy.

The Writing Director is a proven, experienced writer, wordsmith, copy-slinger, storyteller and lover of all things involving the written word and should be well versed in both Chinese and English. You have an innate ability to adapt to an established brand tone and writing DNA, and speak to different audiences in their respective vernacular (EG. sneakerhead vs yogi vs footballer or Nike Members or just general sports enthusiast). You love to collaborate with creative and marketing teams but also work independently to craft brilliant copy for that inspires, attracts and informs consumers in tones beyond traditional advertising slogan. You can take existing information about athletes and products and spin a story that engages the reader.

You’ve worked directly with designers, art directors and brand narrative experts in the digital and physical space. Your portfolio shows an expert command of the Chinese language and knows the ins and out of today’s youth lingual. You can provide publish-ready, error-free work that requires no copyediting or proofreading. When it comes to copywriting, you know the rules, know how to engage the TA through copy, and understand the uniqueness of the key GC digital platforms…you also know when to break them to strengthen your message.


You will be required to generate innovative ideas, copy and content strategy to elevate the consumer brand experience across all Nike channels— The work in GC 365 Studio could range from editorial work through the Nike journal, look-book, livestream scripting, membership communication, all the way to product tagline and benefit communications across our channels.

You’ll bring innovative thinking, strategy and tactical member execution across our ecosystem that drive a full end-to-end Creative Offense where appropriate, always thinking on the next click. The work also includes, when needed, driving the full communication on O2O connection with our physical stores.

As a leader and brand guardian, you’ll drive a team toward exceptional copywriting and storytelling skills to craft taglines, hooks, short-form and long-form copy while collaborating directly with agencies, designers and brand narrative experts to craft narratives and drive best practices in the digital and physical space. As a creative you’re never afraid to roll up your sleeves and get hands-on on the craft of writing itself, and inspire fellow writers by leading by example.

You’ll help build our brand narrative DNA and in-house guidelines. Namely, you’ll be the one ensuring we speak with an authentic Nike Voice to our consumer in all communications. You'll actively gain knowledge and experience regarding Nike's philosophy, products and trends, as well as the consumer and overall marketplace culture.

You are an experienced people manager and have the ability to coach multiple creatives and create opportunities for individual development, performance management, recognition and rewards. Fostering and leading innovative thinking, collaboration, and teamwork.