Senior Cyber Incident Data Analyst – CIS

Nike, Inc.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

0 year(s)

Job Description

We’re looking for a Senior Cyber Incident Data Analyst in the Cyber Incident Data Analysis (CIDA) team. This role leads data-driven security and performs analysis of data sets related to cyber security incidents. As the Incident Response team addresses the incident, CIDA jumps into action to understand the data in scope and if it was exposed. This includes corporate information, employee information, consumer information and third party information. Basically, anywhere Nike data lives you will be there to understand it.

The candidate needs to be a team player with strong security analytics experience, curiosity, and communication skills. We are looking for an individual who is a problem solver, adept at making good decisions under pressure, comfortable with cross-functional and distributed teams, and flexible with changing priorities.


If this is you, you’ll be working with the CIDA team and performing these key tasks:

• Focusing on the technical aspects of understanding a set of data in any format, shape or size. It could be a server full of info or millions of records in a database.
• Help build this function at Nike with a focus on automation and repeatable processes.
• Elevate security analytics at Nike by distilling complex analytical concepts to business and technical audiences alike using clear, eye-catching visualizations.
• Enable a culture of data-driven decision making by rising above the numbers and explaining insights to business users.

WHO WILL YOU WORK WITHThis role reports into the Cyber Incident Data Analysis team at Nike within Corporate Information Security. You will work with Privacy, Legal, Incident Response, and Nike Cyber Defense Center teams.