DSM-Sr. MFP Door Planner

Nike, Inc.

Shanghai, Shanghai, China Mainland

0 year(s)

Job Description
Job Description

- GC one marketplace long term retail capacity forecast:

1) Build long range forecast model, connect with WS fleet planning team and conduct long term retail forecast for WS ONM 2025, CSR, AOP

2) Consolidate GC one marketplace long term capacity plan (eg, ONM 2025) with MPU MFP team's input

3) Lead the GC LRMO process to fit into global LRMO gate

- Lead NSO / NSP part of monthly IMP capacity plan

1) work with inline store MFP team to align on the monthly IMP capacity plan version for each detail matrix (retail, buy, inventory, G2N, key drivers)

2) build the inline store capacity plan into IMP capacity plan and reflect all the latest marketplace changes with solid planning assumptions updated

- Lead seasonal door planning

1) Build retail forecast for all the NSP doors (>6000) in marketplace adoption gates with door planning model

2) Connect with fleet planning team to reflect latest fleet plan into each forecast gate and call out risk and opportunity for each season

3) Work with WS account MFP to reflect account POV into seasonal door plan

4) Classify all the NSP doors into different clusters to support assortment planning

- Lead door planning digitalization project

1) Work with CA team to upgrade the door planning model with advanced analytics tools; give input to CA team with latest marketplace update; validate and adjust the output of new model to reflect planning's requirement

2) Work as project manager in building automation tool for door planning