Nike, Inc.

Shanghai, Shanghai, China Mainland

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Job Description
GC Intellectual Property (IP) DIRECTOR - JOB DESCRIPTION

Nike seeks an experienced attorney, based in Shanghai, to serve as its Greater China IP Director, reporting directly to Nike’s Senior Director, Greater China IP ("GC IP SD") in Shanghai. In this exciting role, you will play a major role in protecting and leveraging Nike’s IP in Greater China, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

• Support GC IP SD to develop and implement IP protection strategy in Greater China ("GC").
• Partner with and serve the needs of Nike’s Global IP, Legal, GPA, business, and innovation teams.
• Support GC IP SD to manage and develop strategy for IP disputes and litigations in GC - including trademark, patent, copyright, design, unfair competition, and trade secret matters.
• Work with Global IP teams to optimize the GC IP portfolio (trademark, copyright, design patent, and utility patent).
• Provide support to GC Tech and Digital teams, including structuring IP framework of cooperation with online platforms and strategic digital innovation partners.
• Manage and deliver IP trainings.
• Support, advise, and negotiate IP-intensive deals, including strategic partnerships, joint development efforts, IP licenses, and innovation activities.
• Collaborate with Nike’s GPA team to monitor and influence IP legislation and regulation.
• Provide support for product launches and brand events, including management of IP clearance.
• Develop and implement Trade Show monitoring and enforcement program.