New Product Development Manager

Encinitas California
Required Experience: 0 year(s)
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: Not available
Posted 15 hours ago

This position at Sun Bum will focus on developing and managing new products as well as reformulations. The ideal candidate would have 2-5 years relevant experience in the personal care/OTC industry. A BS in chemistry, biology, engineering or related field and experience in regulatory, quality and formulations is a plus.

⏵ Manage portfolio of products from product formula standpoint: development, revisions, maintenance.

⏵ Facilitate development of new product formulas with manufacturing partners

⏵ Support product development feedback loop through cross-functional teams (marketing,
sales), research, data collection, partners, consultants

⏵ Manage testing and reporting of new and existing formulas

⏵ Project timeline management
o Formalize the process, concentrating on the ability to communicate action Items and deadlines in advance and real time to stake holders across multiple projects simultaneously

⏵ Thoroughness of product briefs

⏵ Develop comprehensive product briefs that encompass all aspects of a new product
launch including SRP, gross margin expectations, marketing position, claims, testing
requirements, budgeted development and testing cost, specific requirements based
on channel of distribution
o Documented sign off from leadership team

⏵ Management of test demographics
o Establish power user test demographic for each product category

⏵ Organization and control of lab samples
o Receive, document, organize and control all samples

⏵ Management of test demographic samples and reviews
o Distribute and document distribution samples with instructions for review including review return required date
o Collate and summarize reviews for team decision process
o Recall obsolete samples and repeat process as necessary until approved

⏵ Timely escalation of potential major deviations from product briefs
o Escalate and document coarse changes or deviations from the original product briefs

⏵ Master project list
o Maintain a rolling project list with proposed launch calendar

⏵ Help create and manage product dossiers on secured shared drive
o Formulas, QQ, Testing, Certificate of Analysis

⏵ Other duties as reasonably assigned.